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How To Schedule for a San Diego HERS Rater...

Do you need a San Diego HERS Rater to visit your home and complete the required HERS testing to satisfy your building permit?

So Cal HERS Raters keeps the process simple! You can schedule a service request right here online. 

Our office will confirm your appointment and then one of our San Diego HERS Raters will visit your home to perform the diagnostic testing and capture the performance measurements necessary to produce your compliance forms.

We have the best pricing without any hidden costs- AND we guarantee our service!

With over 19 years of experience, we make this process as simple as possible for you.

Let us join your team today and we will take care of all your San Diego HERS Rater Testing requirements.

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HERS Rater Blower Door Testing

(Pictured: Blower Door Testing is one of the many performance & diagnostic tests that So Cal HERS Raters performs.)

Our Guarantee

So Cal HERS Raters guarantees that our HERS verified testing results, documented on the compliance forms, will satisfy the requirements of your building official. If for any reason the building code inspector requests a correction, or change to the HERS report, So Cal HERS Raters will provide the additional service at no cost to you. Bring us on your team as your San Diego HERS Rater today.

San Diego HERS Testing & Title-24 Verifications

Did the building inspector tell you to provide a HERS Report in order to pass inspection?

So Cal HERS Rater is here to help! We are a local small business that is family owned and operated. We have been in business since 2005 and have the experience to carry your project across the finish line with confidence. 

Most building inspectors simply say “Provide a HERS Report” without going into much detail as to what it is exactly required. So where do you start?

The California Energy Commission is responsible for authoring and mandating the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) in California. The BEES are more commonly referred to as “the energy code” or more accurately described as “Title-24, Part 6”. 

Title-24, Part 6 is organized into different sections. There is a section for Single Family Residential, Multifamily Residential, and Non-Residential. Each building type has its own unique set of standards for both existing buildings and new construction buildings.

New Construction Homes (including ADU's, Additions, & Remodels)

New Construction homes including ADU’s, additions & remodels always have a set of construction drawings (blueprints) prepared by an architect (designer). The blueprints are organized into different sections including Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical.

Within the “stamped set” (building department approved) of drawings, there will also be an energy calculation Title-24 report. You can typically find the T-24 report at the end of the Architectural section, or within the Mechanical Section.

After you locate the T-24 (which will be multiple pages), look to the upper right hand corner of each page and you’ll see CF-1R-PRF-01E. Look further to page 3 of the CF-1R-PRF-01E for a section in bold that says “HERS Feature Summary“. This is a summary of the required HERS Measures we will verify at your home.

The HERS Raters verification results are reported on a form called the CF-3R HERS Compliance Statement, which is what your building official will require to final your building permit. Only the HERS Rater can produce the CF-3R.

HERS Features Summary

Existing Homes with new HVAC Systems or Component Replacements

The California Energy Commission also requires HERS Rater verifications for homeowners that have HVAC system alterations or component replacements. Why the requirement? Over time, improper installations in the HVAC industry have led to inflated energy bills for homeowners, stemming from subpar equipment performance and bad installations. HERS Raters ensure third-party verification of proper equipment installation, specifically with regard to energy efficiency. So Cal HERS Raters will check your system for proper airflow, proper refrigerant levels, and to make sure the fan isn’t drawing too much energy.

If you’ve recently updated your HVAC system, it’s crucial to independently hire a HERS Rater. This step safeguards your interests and holds your chosen contractor accountable to legal standards designed for your protection.

So Cal HERS Raters will work with your selected HVAC contractor, to perform the required diagnostic tests and performance measurements. In case of any failures, we assist your installer in identifying and resolving issues promptly. Our focus lies not on finding problems but on finding solutions.

How Much Does a HERS Test Cost?

A HERS Test in San Diego really depends on how much testing is required per the HERS Feature Summary as described above. The cost can be as little as $199 which includes all documentation, licensing and processing. But again, we need to see the CF-1R-PRF-01E to accurately provide a quote. Please use the Request A Price Quote tool on this website and we will promptly get back to you with a cost. Alternatively, you are welcome to call our office to discuss your project and receive a verbal quote.

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We built a new home and knew nothing about the HERS stuff. Kevin & team took the time to really explain everything so it didn't feel like just another money grab in the State of California. I am very happy I had a hers test and now know that my HVAC system is functioning like it is supposed to.

Reza S. Blossom Valley, CA

I was truly blown away by this company! I needed a HER Rater to come out to my residence for an inspection, and I couldn't believe the quality of service I was given. Not only did they do an outstanding job, they really took the time to explain everything to they were doing and why they were doing it. Kevin seems extremely knowledged in his line of work, and I felt very confident with what he told and taught me. I would definitely recommend this company as an A1, top notch experience! Good Job So Cal HERS Raters

Lorna S. La Mesa, CA

Kevin, Glenn and Johan are Hands Down the best Raters in So Cal! Shoutout to Johan cuz he is available to go the extra mile helping behind the scenes and to Kevin & Glenn in the field, they know their stuff and get it done! Thanks Guys!

Chris B. San Diego, CA

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